What's your Element?

          1   : exhibiting or marked by strict, particular, and complete accordance with fact or a standard                   
          2   : marked by thorough consideration or minute measurement of small factual details.


         1   : any of the four substances air, water, fire, and earth formerly believed to compose the physical universe      
         2  :  plural : weather conditions; especially : violent or severe weather                                                              
         3  : the state or sphere natural or suited to a person or thing                                           
         4  : any of the fundamental substances that consist of atoms of only one kind and that singly or in
               combination constitute all matter

Exact Elements produces a wide array of original products and merchandise, in conjunction with distribution of third party products
through agreements with our partners.  In addition Exact Elements also provides information, downloads, links to other websites,
and numerous other types of media for site users to utilize. Exact Elements was founded on the laws, principles, ideas and beliefs
surrounding the natural elements and the notion that every single thing we as individuals see, hear, touch, taste, smell and ultimately
interact with on planet Earth to include the entire universe is composed and complied of natural elements formed or created billions
of years ago.

Exact Elements produces each of our very own distintive products by diligent hand-crafted assembly.  We use the finest materials
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                                                                     - Exact Elements